Chrome and Keychain Access

Dear Lazyweb,

I don't want to give Chrome access to Keychain on my Mac OS X Lion laptop, but every time I start Chrome I am asked again to grant access. Do you know how I might stop Chrome from prompting me every time I start it up?



Number of day to Belize

Three days before I visit Belize again.

I was looking through my old LJ posts to see if I had a photo of the white board I used for Beize countdowns. I used to love updating that board. I think I also somewhat enjoyed making people jealous. And it must have worked because lots of folks came with me to Belize the first 2 years I worked on LJ. I couldn't find any photo though :(

Getting in Shape

I can't really remember the last time I felt like I was in shape. Sure, I do a bunch of activities that provide some level of exercise, but I haven't been really pushing my fitness level in a long time. In other words, I've been mostly exercising at my fitness level which has been gradually deteriorating.

So, I'm making a point of exercising more, and trying to eat a little better. On Tuesday I went for a walk after dinner. Yesterday I ran in the morning and then went to an MMA class at FnF. The MMA class kicked my ass, but it is exactly the sort of thing I need to push my fitness level higher. This morning I did a quick little workout when I got up and hope to do some Jiujitsu later. I'm hoping that if I find plenty of different workouts, ranging in intensity, I can always be doing something.

The whole point of this is to drop a little extra weight, increase my stamina and be ready to compete in a Jiujitsu tournament in October.

Dr. John Lyne

Written by Barry Duggan and Ralph Riegel.

MEET the country’s oldest mountaineer.

John Lyne (85) was this week preparing for his next challenge at his home in Castletownbere, Co Cork after he conquered the country’s highest peak – for the 205 th time.

The retired doctor again scaled all 3,414 feet of Carrauntoohil in recent weeks and said he is eagerly looking forward to taking on the next summit.

He is no stranger to the Kerry peak and has continued to scale it – no matter what the elements. Speaking of his most recent expedition, Mr Lyne said the mud was getting heavier on the slopes of Carrauntoohil.

“I fell a few times on the ‘Devil’s Ladder’. It was a bit slippery there and I got a bit of help. Coming down, it was deep mud. I never saw it as deep. There must be a lot of people using that path. It was tough going and a bit slow for all of us,” Mr Lyne said.

The elderly man was in the company of Eilis Duggan, Seamus Harrington and Kay Mullins – all from Bere Island, Co Cork – and Noel Dineen from Ardfert, Co Kerry. Their leisurely ascent and descent took a total of nine hours.

The keen mountaineer said he began to take his hobby seriously when he turned 50 and said he has no intention of resting his limbs anytime soon.

“It is just something I liked and became more involved in. I’ve always been very keen on it and like it very much. It is getting tougher and I’m becoming a bit slower on them, but I’ll give it up when I die. I’ll have to look to climb elsewhere then,” Mr Lyne joked.

The nearest peak from Mr Lyne’s home to practise on is Hungry Hill in the heart of the Beara peninsula and he has climbed the 2,248 feet over 1,300 times. During the summer months, he is a familiar sight to mountaineers and hill walkers on the Beara peak.

Two years ago, he attempted to conquer the highest mountain in Africa.

“I had a go at Kilimanjaro when I was 83. I had to turn back at about 14,000 feet because of altitude sickness. I didn’t make it – that time. We’ll see in the future.”

“I retired as a doctor 15 years ago and have since climbed the main peaks in England and Wales.”

Outdoors Ireland - who organise mountaineering expeditions - confirmed that Mr Lyne is the oldest man in the country to have scaled Carrauntoohil.

Ruth Kingerlee of Outdoors Ireland said they had previously known of a 70-year-old who successfully climbed it. “At 85, he would certainly be the oldest man we would know about,” Ms Kingerlee said.



Lessons on Customer Care

I have mixed feelings regarding the ongoing woes of Netflix. On the one hand I enjoyed using their services, but on the other hand I was annoyed by their steep price increase and am glad they are feeling pain for their choice. My delight is also because a group of customers decided to make their voices heard by canceling their service, and it has taken a noticeable toll on the company.

In so many companies that rely on a large customer base, the job of customer care is often assigned to a small number of employees. This is how it should be, a few people should focus on customer issues, resolving and preventing them. And in some cases a customer community can be nurtured that helps create an avenue of communication between the company and its customers. In good companies the job of customer care is integrated with the team of people working on the products and services provided. They inform other departments what customers want and how they will react to changes. When things are working well, everyone should have a good idea about what customers want and can plan accordingly.

Sometimes business needs conflict with what customers want. Price increases being the most obvious example. Customers also want the business to survive and thrive, but for the lowest possible cost to them. Here is where Netflix did not listen to their customers, and likely ignored their customer care employees. A 60% increase in price is a large amount for anyone to swallow, especially in such harsh economic times. It demonstrated a cavalier attitude towards Netflix customers and erased a lot of customer goodwill and loyalty. Perhaps Netflix needed to make these increases in order to survive and compete, but they did a horrible job of rolling out these changes. It was some saving grace that they cancelled the split in their services, but a lot of damage was already done.

Bottom line, treat your customers well. In most cases customers will not rally to demonstrate their dissatisfaction as clearly as they did with Netflix, instead they will gradually go elsewhere and encourage others to do so also. Once the tide turns, it can be almost impossible to turn it back.

Vegas and UFC 130

I'm ready to go to Vegas for the weekend. My bags are almost packed and everything is in order. I even have a little black eye for good luck. I must have been clipped by an elbow or knee in jiujitsu class earlier.

The big plan is to go see Chris Cariaso fight in UFC 130 on Saturday. I have a ticket, and apparently a good seat. But I also hope to catch up with some LJ friends, visit a kung fu class and down some drinks at the Double Down Saloon. Should be a fun 48 hours, starting Friday afternoon.