Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

SFO Bicycle Parking

On Saturday I had a flight out of SFO at 8:14am to Las Vegas, and I was returning the next night. I figured out I could take the first Bart train to the airport, but wanted to ride my bicycle to Bart, as it would be the fastest and most reliable way to get there. But what to do with my bike?

Looking online I found that SFO has a few bicycle parking areas, and one of these is part of the Valet Parking area in the Domestic Parking Garage. I got there around 7:10 pm, locked up my bike and signed in with the Valet Parking office, letting them know I would pick it up the following night. The bicycle parking is in pretty good view of the office, which has someone there 24 hours, making it feel somewhat secure. Sure enough, it was there when I came back the following night, looking just as lonely as when I dropped it off.
Tags: cycling, san francisco, travel

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