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Henry Lyne

California Proposition 8 (2008) - Eliminates Right of Same–Sex Couples to Marry

Wikipedia's article on Proposition 8 has a lot of interesting information in it. It hints at some of the real driving forces against same-sex marriage. The people against it are mostly motivated by religion, and there are several reasons why that is not a valid reason for them to push through this amendment to the California Constitution.

      Marriage might be sacred in you religion, but it is not just a sacred rite. A catholic priest taught me a long time ago that marriage existed before christianity as a legal contract. So while you may wish to have your church of choice bless your union, not everyone goes to your church and not everyone should be required to follow your church's doctrine. Freedom of religion is one of the founding principles of the United States.

      The Catholic Bishops of California say that marriage is "for the purpose of procreation and the continuation of the human race," which indicates that marriage should only be allowed for people who can procreate. The Mormon church "encouraged their membership to support" the Proposition, a church whose founder tried to introduce polygamy. Such out-of-touch churches should not be encroaching on the civil rights of people outside their church. Let them deal with their members as they see fit, but they need to keep their doctrine off of the rest of us.

      Homosexuality is not a crime or a sin. There is no commandment that reads "Thou shalt not covet someone of the same sex". Stop looking for biblical text to back up your homophobia, your god does not hate people, not even homosexuals.

The tradition and history of marriage grants many rights to people who wed. Civil unions don't cut it, they smack of "separate but equal" which essentially creates something separate and inferior. I hope that the majority of Californians make the right decision and oppose this Proposition that seeks to mistreat, discriminate and demean people.
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