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New Profile Page

LiveJournal's new Profile Page design has finally launched. I think it looks great; it surfaces more information, groups it better and the action icons/links are more obvious.

Having been burned by an attempted redesign back in 2006, earlier this year I pushed us to work on this again. I wanted us to take the time to really make something good, and I'm happy that the design team and others really ran with it after I got pulled on to other things. I think parts of the page were fairly simple to improve on, but the top of the page was quite difficult to get right. A few rounds of beta testing, lots of feedback, lots of redesigning and lots of meetings later we came up with something that was well received by many people on lj_design.

With yesterday's launch we received a barrage of negative reaction to the profile page redesign. We were possibly lulled by the positive reaction we had previously received by our beta testers. I think this demonstrates that many people are willing to indulge an initial knee-jerk reaction and yell it from the rooftops, and that it takes some time to absorb a large change. I think it would be good to wait a couple of weeks and try to gather some more feedback on the profile page from our users, and see if we can make more improvements. But right now, I think people need to give it a chance.

Great job to everyone who worked on this!
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