Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

First Dives in Monterey

Last night I went down to Monterey with brad, whitaker, erinearl and gariev. Got up this morning and jumped on the Monterey Express for my first dives off of the California coast. We went down the coast to a spot called Pescadora Rocks just in front of Carmel. We had a dive plan, but Igor and I got separated from everyone else early on, but went ahead and enjoyed our dive anyhow. There was lots of kelp and rocks to explore, and I saw rockfish, shrimp, sunflower starfish and more. On the way back to the boat I think the kelp took my knife that was strapped to my leg, but I don't think I will miss it.

Everyone was quite cold and a little nauseous making our way back to Monterey for our second dive at the Metridium fields. I had a trouble equalizing my right ear again, but eventually Igor and I got down together and found the others. The visibility on the way down was bad, but at about 50 feet we had about 25 feet of visibility. The Metridium really glowed against the dark rocks and was really pretty. We circled around the area, Igor found a cool crusty crab and we had fun. I got quite cold after about 25 minutes and we all came up after about 30 minutes.

It was a good trip; good dives and good people. I don't think I'll do a lot of diving in Monterey, but I would definitely like to go again.
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