Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

We are our parents

After spending an entire weekend with my father, I'm still trying to tell myself that maybe the differences outweigh the similarities between us. But I can't kid myself, I noticed way too many traits we had in common. Similar likes and dislikes. It's scary to me because sometimes I get impatient with my father and find his personality and habits annoying. I really don't want to pick up any more than I already have.

All that said, I think growing up in the 1980s versus first world war II, and moving myself to San Francisco in my early 20s has had a significant impact on the type of person I have become. I've had enough people in my life here that wouldn't let me get away with the kind of things my father gets away with.

Of course there are lots of things to like about my father. He is outgoing and friendly, likes hiking outdoors and is doing a good job of enjoying his retirement, making up for those years when his life was almost all work and no play. He's not at all greedy, generous to a fault sometimes, and an honest and moral person. I suppose I could have a much worse role model.

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