Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Gran Torino

I saw Gran Torino on Saturday evening and thoroughly loved it. Clint Eastwood plays a cranky old racist bastard who treats everyone like crap, including his Hmong neighbors. But of course all curmudgeons have a soft spot, and he ends up helping the people he used to avoid. In real life you know you are not supposed to support vigilante justice, but you can't help wishing there were more people like Walt Kowalski.

The story and how it is told almost makes the whole movie feel very familiar. Many people are used to pressure of some sort growing up, if not from gangs then at least from other kids. And most people have had to deal with an older relative who finds kids annoying and isn't afraid to tell them so. And we all know that racism, whether malicious or not, exists everywhere. Or maybe it was just me that found a lot of things in this movie to relate to.
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