Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Moving On

January was a terrible month on so many levels, I'm really happy it is behind me. February is off to a somewhat rocky start, but at least things are clearer now and I can work on making the most of the Year of the Ox. I'm starting to regain my health and strength, and hope to get back to my old training schedule this week. Last week I attended my Muay Thai class for the first time since November and found all the movements easy enough, I just need to regain my stamina.

My icon has evolved. Despite the many things that have gone wrong lately, there are plenty of things to be optimistic about and possibilities to look forward to. Don't let anyone be fooled about my capacity for cynicism though, I have just accepted that certain things cannot or will not be fixed any time soon, and I can deal with that.

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