Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Bay to Breakers Changes

SF Gate has reported changes to Bay to Breakers rules this year, and the sponsor's site confirms that "for everyone's safety and enjoyment NO ALCOHOL, WHEELED OBJECTS or NUDITY will be allowed."

Having lived on or near the course for 12 years and seeing how the race has deteriorated, I agree with some of the changes. The number of extremely drunk people stumbling around the Panhandle last year was somewhat disgusting, especially as many of them were urinating everywhere. The amount of trash strewn about was also disgusting. Broken glass on the street and in the park is a real hazard for the runners, and for pets and people that use the parks. If people still want to party, they should just go to house parties or bars along the route, or organize an after party in Golden Gate Park, no need to lug booze down the street and mess up the neighborhoods.

As for floats and wheeled objects, many of them are quite dangerous, and should not be allowed on Hayes Hill. Only the prohibition of nudity bugs me. I think that has been a staple of the event for as long as I've seen it, and it doesn't cause any problems. Get rid of the drunken slobs, but allow people to run naked and free.
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