Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Free Week Trial for Fight and Fitness

Fight and Fitness in SOMA sent me 4 vouchers for a week free trial but I haven't found anyone who wants to try the place out. So I'm opening it up to a wider audience, anybody want to try out Boxing, Muay Thai or Jiu-jitsu? The vouchers are good until march 10th, just a couple of weeks from now.

I go to the Muay Thai class there, usually on Tuesday and Thursday. I learn basic technique, but mostly I get a great workout. I have not tried the Boxing or Jiu-jitsu class, but would be willing to try them out if someone wanted company. I really like this gym as it is a mix of people working on fitness, to people toying with learning to fight and stay in shape, to actual competitive fighters. And generally speaking most people there are quite friendly.
Tags: fitness, martial art

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