Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Back from Belize

I had one of the laziest trips ever to Belize. While I partly blame Trisha and daveman692 for my sloth, I must confess to not really fighting it too much, and even encouraging it sometimes.

Trisha did meet me at the pier with a cold beer, so it was a good start. Our very first dive at George's Caye we had two dolphins come within 20 feet of us and swim nearby for about 20-30 seconds, a first for me. I did only 4 dives on this trip, usually I fit in about 10.

We did lots of swimming and slacking at the Split, ate coconut macaroon cake, made new friends and hung out with old ones. Ramsey and Bernard(aka. Brown) introduced us to a happy hour at Sobre Las Olas (2 Belikin beers for $3US), so we took advantage of it a few times. We won trivia night one Friday, with the final tie between our team and some Norwegians being decided by a drink off. Note to self: Don't get in a drinking race with Ramsey.

We ate a few times at Habaneros where the lovely Ellen works, they have really good food. It may be the most expensive place on the island, but their sauces and ingredients are excellent and well worth it. And all the people that work there are pretty fun. We gave the bartender Rose a special gift that Trisha had won on Ladies Night at the Oceanside, I think she was quite embarrassed.

My friend Rommie is sick, but he's fighting it. Hopefully he can recover fully, but at least he seems to be dealing with it well enough. The dive shop has changed owners and the new owners seem quite nice. I got to see Dawn and Kathy, the previous owners, and say goodbye before they move to a new life in Colorado along with all their cats and dogs.

I'm back, a little tired, quite relaxed and very happy the sun is out in San Francisco. I wish I had more time in Belize, but it's also good to be back in SF.
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