Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Old Roommates

The first apartment I moved into in San Francisco was near the corner of Fell and Masonic. I moved in with Emily, Kiersten and Kim. That was 13 years ago in May. About a year after moving in Kiersten moved out and back to Long Island, New York, and I had not seen her since. Until Saturday, when I met up with Kiersten, her sister Dana, and my friends David and Trisha(both of whom also lived in the Fell House).

Kiersten is the same person she was 12 years ago, and her sister is a pretty similar personality. Which is to say they are a lot of fun. We ate brunch on Haight Street and I followed them shopping for a couple of hours. At 6pm we all went to Da Flora for dinner, where Kim(also a former roommate) joined us. Dinner was really good and we tried a few different tasty Italian wines. After dinner we walked to Vesuvio's and had a drink, then we wandered on Broadway and into the Bamboo Hut bar for a couple of hours. Once that got really busy we moved over to Spec's for a couple of nightcaps.

We spent a lot of time talking about things that happened 12 years ago, about Kiersten's old dog Buster, and people we used to know. It is a little strange to go back in time like that, but also a lot of fun. And it is great to see that Kiersten is happy and enjoying a career as a teacher.
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