Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Phone Upgrade

It is time to upgrade my cell phone and perhaps my phone services in general. I would love to hear specific recommendations on which phone I should get.

What I need:
- Phone (good coverage and sound clarity)
- Camera (so I can moblog with pictures)
- Internet and email (to also support moblogging)
- SMS Text Messaging (basic text-messaging that doesn't require internet access)

What I would like:
- Compact (doesn't need to be tiny)
- QWERTY keyboard (I like the phones that have the full keyboard hidden)
- Instant-Messaging (AIM, YIM and more)
- Add-on Applications (I love the idea of being able to run SSH on my phone, but there are probably other applications that I would find more useful)
- Web Browsing

What else?

I currently like the look of:
LG F9200
Nokia 9500
Tags: cellular, phone, wireless

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