Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Long Last Weekend

Last Saturday I woke up tired but still dragged myself to Cha Cha Chas for June's graduation party. Her husband Zach was there and I got to meet June's 'mummy' and some of her friends. Lunch was followed by a party at Trax, so the day was full of celebration and drinking. June's mother is quite the dancer and her friend Mila is quite the cutie.

Sunday I woke up tired again and dragged myself to Las Vegas. Flying Virgin America was kinda fun. I had booked myself into Hooter's Hotel, which is a good deal, but a very bizarre place to be. After a couple of hours of relaxing I got dressed up, met up with hachi and burr86, and took a cab to the wedding.

The wedding was in Henderson at Green Valley Ranch Resort. The ceremony outside was sweet and pretty, albeit quite hot, and everything went well. We had drinks and snacks near the poll afterward, and then went inside to a ballroom for dinner and fun. I will let the photos tell the rest of the story once they come out.

Monday I rested for most of the day. I did go into Hooter's restaurant to check out the menu, but the most of the options looked particularly unhealthy and I was craving something good for me, so I left and found a place that served breakfast. That evening I dropped in on a kung fu class at Bradley Temple's school. Being memorial day not many students showed up, but I got a chance to work with one of his senior students on my chi sao and also learned their guided chi sao pattern. Bradley very graciously gave me a ride back to my hotel after class.

After feeling a little better from getting some exercise I decided to check out the Double Down Saloon, a gritty little dive bar pretty close to where I was staying. The bartender was cool and helpful, he hooked me up with a place to get some food delivered to the bar, and the bouncer ordered it for me. So naturally I had to try their Ass Juice drink special, a light brown liquid that comes in an unmarked bottle, it was quite tasty, but one was enough. When it came time to leave the bouncer ordered me a cab and told them to make it snappy, it showed up in less than a minute. There are some good people working the Double Down.

Tuesday I woke kinda tired again. Hachi and Abe came by my hotel for a late breakfast and then we took a taxi to the AbuseFest house. I finally made it to AF. Some people were geeking out on their laptops, some were playing Rockband, it was pretty chill. Had some conversations with Denise about sharing code patches, caught up on work email and communication, and generally hung out with the LJ volunteers. But time flew by and then Marta took me to the airport, I was looking forward to getting home, eating something healthy and sleeping in my own bed.

I am still recovering a little. I would love another long weekend with nothing planned, but that doesn't look too likely.
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