Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Lyrics that will nearly kill you

Ray LaMontagne - Henry Nearly Killed Me

All my life I been poor boy son,
Scratchin' for my meat
I have been kicked in my teeth,
Till the blood run hot and sweet

I seen a lot of living my friend,
And this I will repeat,
Just because you knock a man down
Don't mean that you got hime beat

It's a shame,shame,shame
Baby it's a cryin' shame

Henry nearly killed me,
'Fore they hauled his ass in jail
Slapped me right across my face
With a flour sack full o' nails

Nearly broke my head in two
With his steel-toed boots
Shovin' all that money
Down the laundry chute

It's a shame,shame,shame
Baby it's a cryin' shame
Tags: music

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