Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Roberta Flack at Stern Grove

I visited San Francisco's Stern Grove for the first time yesterday. I arrived with Mila around 11:15pm, met up with her friend Vernon, and walked down into the park. The concert area is in one corner of the park with steep slopes rising in front of and behind the stage. All the good places to sit had already been staked out with blankets and people everywhere. Mila knew some folks sitting with the sound crew in the middle of everything, and we managed to to carve out a corner there for our little group(Vernon, Raz, Polyanna, George, Erin, Mila and me).

It was a beautiful sunny day, we baked in the sun and warmed up even more to Davell Crawford. Then came Roberta Flack who was pretty amazing. I heard the original Killing Me Softly. She seemed to really enjoy herself with the crowd, joking a lot and getting us to sing along with her.

The grove was really packed and we were up against people on all sides. A very nice lady gave me a slice of the best key-lime pie I have ever tasted. There were little kids dancing to the music, another kid running around with a net trying to catch the dragonflies as they danced above the heads of the crowd. We were well cooked by the time Roberta finished her encore.
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