Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

What someone thinks of me

A friend of mine wrote this in an email to me today:
My What Would Henry Do mantra usually becomes active when I am struggling to like/accept, or make a connection with someone. I tend to see each person as either someone I absolutely want in my life, or as someone I want nothing to do with. Nothing in between. Its not healthy for me or community. And I've never done well juggling lots of friendships which stresses me out a bit at times too. I always will remember how you had friends everywhere, from ALL walks of life. And it seemed like you always had a perfect handle on managing all those relationships too. You made friends everywhere you went. I loved watching that. Very inspiring. And I guess the biggest thing is that I never heard you speak bad about anyone's character. Maybe you would pipe up about stupid crap people did, but you never attacked anyone's person.

I was very honored and flattered to be told that by a friend. I can see the truth in it, and also see the cases of where it is not true. I do have a diverse group of friends and I like making connections with people, but it isn't always easy to manage. It takes more effort to maintain some friendships and those are the ones I will most likely neglect when my life gets hectic. I can't say that I never speak bad about anyone, but I'm fairly accepting of all kinds of people. And when people do something really bad or stupid, I might never forget it.

Community, family and friends are important things to nurture. And people that will tell you what they think about you, good or bad, are good people to be around.

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