Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Al Gore Unveils Next Big Thing

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA -- The former vice-president, Al Gore, visited Google headquarters today to reveal the next big thing for the internet. Envisioning the "the web as a platform" of services, he dubbed his latest epiphany "Web 2.0".

This new Web will be rife with Rich Internet Applications(RIAs) that provide fast, media-rich services for connecting and collaborating with people around the IntarwebTM. "Web 2.0 will become a more interactive experience, with even more people contributing to the web via blogging, moblogging and podcasting" deadpanned Mr. Gore. The news was warmly received by the Silicon Valley press and Google employees.

"Gone are the days of pale, bearded unix-hackers creating user-unfriendly interfaces with buried features. Web 2.0 will bring sexy apps created by sexy people, for sexy people" effused an attendee wearing a "I Blogged Your Mom" t-shirt.

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