Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Tattoo Free

With MyBrandz.com offering a day of free tattoos in San Francisco of your favorite brand logo, I am even less likely to consider ever getting a tattoo. I like tattoos, have even designed a few, but some people are choosing to ink their bodies with meaningless and ugly work.

Most of us have heard of the funny stories about Chinese character and kanji tattoos that are popular among non-asians. While kanji script is beautiful, it is not going to seem so exotic if you ever take a trip to China, Japan or your nearest chinatown. Celtic knot and cross tattoos were almost as popular as Riverdance, but there is a good chance your beer mat will have a matching design the next time you visit an Irish Pub.

Popular tattoos might have significance and meaning to their owners, but with so much excellent skin art in a place like San Francisco, you might be judged by the quality and originality of the tattoos you choose to display. A free brand logo tattoo will look about as cool and significant as a sweatshirt with GAP across the front.
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