Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Installing Windows XP

It took me about 7-8 hours to get a good Windows XP install yesterday. I could get Win XP installed(with SP1) without problems. Then I ran windows update and it told me I needed to install a few things(WGA, BITS, newer Windows Updater and more) before continuing. So, I went ahead and installed whatever it wanted, rebooted, and then windows update failed. Turns out all microsoft.com domains would fail. Some update I got via windows update made it next to impossible to get any more updates. I wasted a bunch of time trying to fix the problem before I decided to start from scratch again, thinking I must have done something wrong.

I'm fairly sure I didn't do anything wrong, the first or fifth time, but I actually needed to get the updates in a specific order. I got around the problem by downloading Service Packs 2 and 3 to my machine. After starting with a new install of XP, I installed SP2, restarted. Then I got the latest version of BITS, IE7 and Genuine Advantage via the MS website, and installed them. Then I installed SP3. After all that windows update still worked and I was able to get more updates via the normal update interface. It was all very frustrating trying to guess how to get around some problem in the upgrade path.

The happy news is that I have a new machine that runs really quiet and fast, and a big new flat-screen monitor.

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