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Thank you Zynga

Thank you for breaking my addiction to your games. Mafia Wars is an extremely dumb game, but it requires no intelligence and very little time to play. It is about doing things and collecting stuff, but with no real goal. Just level up and continue to level up. Zynga Poker was a little better, I got to play Texas Hold'em poker against random people and maybe even improve my game a little. A fun distraction at times.

As of today both those games require I provide and approve use of my email address. I'm not willing to provide a company like Zynga any personal information, so I'm done with their games.


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Apr. 29th, 2010 11:35 pm (UTC)
The email address doesn't really bug me, since I've been maintaining an email address I use solely for registering for things for years now.

As for the games themselves... yeah, I'm really hoping they make a game that's a little more sophisticated/requires some strategy of some sort. Something more than mafia wars' current "Is your mafia bigger than theirs, and are you a higher level? Okay you win!"

I suppose poker kinda qualifies, but I just can't get into any poker game that doesn't involve real money; it's just not the same game. Fortunately I'm going to find myself in Vegas in a month ;)
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