Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Round up of 2010

I just took a quick look back through my journal and it seems I have been making sporadic updates. I'm glad I have not completely neglected it. While I recorded a few events of 2010, here's a quick summary of the year, more for my own sake.

I started working at flickr on February 1st 2010, and even though things have been tumultuous at times, it was mostly a good year. Working on support for the photo page design and a new image size(640x480) was quite interesting. Also, performing a large security scan of data and migrating tasks to a new offline task system where significant pieces of work. I learned a lot and also found ways I was good at contributing. Layoffs at the end of the year really sucked. The voluntary departure of others throughout the year was not fun either, but it seemed like most left for good reasons. We also hired some great people too, so that also helped brighten things up.

My kung fu class has been going quite well. I've had some great students, and I continue to get a lot of people interested in trying out the class. I've become quite comfortable at instructing new students and I'm looking forward to working more with the advanced students. I won a chi sao competition in July, and at the same time got to meet some other interesting people involved in Wing Chun. April 2010 was when I officially got tested to be a Senior Instructor and passed. It was a pretty fun process, especially the part where I had to fight three other people.

I dated someone for about 7 months, up until August. It didn't work out, c'est la vie. I've enjoyed being single since, but that will only last so long.

I took a trip to Belize last May. But I skipped going to Ireland, which I will make up for this year. My uncle Harry passed away. It made me feel really far away from family. My father also had some back trouble, which he eventually recovered from. Ireland is going through rough economic times, and I think many people there are still having a tough time.

I think that sums up a lot, but I'm sure I forgot stuff. It doesn't really mention how much I appreciate all my friends, and how I still enjoy my life in San Francisco. I'm grateful for a lot.

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