May 16th, 2006


Internet Famous

I'm surprised by the number of people who know me, read my journal but don't have LJ accounts. You can only read my public posts but I'm guessing that you wouldn't find many of my other posts that interesting. The restricted posts are often directed at specific groups of people.

This has made me think more about how well I'm represented on the internet. I found 4 entries about me in google's top 10 for "henry lyne". I'm mentioned in more places but I'm pretty happy with that. I'm not looking to be internet famous but I've worked on the web for 10 years and feel like I should have left a mark. That said the two companies I worked for in my first 5 years have both been swallowed by large corporations and bear no resemblance to their former selves.

While I tell myself this journal is for myself and maybe for my friends who care to read it, I do wonder what people would like me to know about me or have me write about.