June 6th, 2006


Summer time biking

Last weekend was full of cycling and partying. Saturday brad and I went on what started out as an easy ride through Golden Gate park. Once we got to Ocean Beach we then decided to go over the Golden Gate bridge, which meant going along the cliffs at Land's End, past Baker Beach and along the edge of the Presidio. Crossing the bridge was easy enough, the new guard rails reduced the chance of death by at least 50%. From there we went down into Sausalito and rode the ferry back to the SF ferry building. A fairly leisurely ride through downtown took us back the haight where we enojoyed a Radeburger Pils at the Toronado.

Sunday I got out of bed late and some time in the afternoon rode to the Civic Center and took Bart to Lake Merritt in Oakland. I wanted to go to Alameda but it took me about half an hour to figure out how to get over there. Alameda is an island and has underground tubes feeding traffic back and forth. It took me about 15 minutes to find the tubes and another 15 or 20 to find the one walkway, on one particular tube that allowed me to cycle through. The walkway allowed me a foot of clearance on either side of my handle bar(wall on one side, rail on the other), so it was not a fun ride. Still I made it through and found the BBQ I was late for on Crowne Beach. Getting back was a little better because I could at least see the end of the tunnel before I was half way through.

All that cycling makes me want to do more. If anyone wants to bike around the city, park or even over to marin on a weekend, just let me know. I know the city and the parks fairly well.