November 7th, 2006



I voted, but it doesn't feel like it will do any good.

It was depressing to see that the ballots were confusing. In two of the run-off voting choices, there was only one option for first, second and third. This was because the candidates were running uncontested. I guess it makes sense if you are writing in a candidate, but it is confusing. Also, some of the state propositions were hard to find or were out of order. Some of the 80s were on one ballot, and the rest on the back of another, I thought for a second that I was missing a ballot. This might just have been the poll worker putting ballots together in a weird order.

I do think we should have electronic voting. I should be able to make my choices, look over them, adjust and confirm them. When I'm done I should get a little slip with an ID number on it, and a summary of my vote. I should be able to go online and look up my voting record via the ID. If there is a discrepancy, I should be able to contact someone and tell them my vote was incorrently counted, and my voting slip should at least be partial proof. Currently I have little confidence that my vote gets counted correctly.

Hell, I shouldn't be able to vote online.
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