March 12th, 2007


Wild Things

Hiking around Marin on saturday, at Black Sand Beach, I spotted a snake slithering into the bushes. It was brownish-green with yellow stripes. I believe it's my first time seeing a snake in the wild. I'm pretty sure it was a coast garter snake.

Later, driving past an old shooting range I saw some people checking out what looked like a coyote. I had Amy stop the car and we got out. Sure enough, it was a coyote. It seemed curious, it was hanging out near a girl taking photos of it, and two cyclists on a trail that had stopped to observe it. The more it hung around the more attention it began to draw, so after a couple of minutes it took off. That's the first coyote I've seen. I love that so much wildlife exists within a bicycle-ride of where I live.

Monday Morning Flat

It was a beautiful sunny monday morning in San Francisco this morning. I cycled to work in t-shirt and shorts, but only as far as 6th and Folsom. Rear tire went flat, looks like some little nail punctured my Armadillo tire. Maybe I need a new tire as well as a new inner tube.

Update: Pulled an 1.25 inch rusty nail out of my tire. Flat fixed, fully mobile again.