March 21st, 2007


Flogging a dead browser

I like that the Safari web browser is built on the KHTML rendering engine, but that's where my love for it ends. It's not a popular browser, and the only thing that seems to be keeping it afloat is Apple's support for it. It's not a good browser to develop for, there are things you just can't do with javascript in Safari, that you can do with the other popular browsers.

I could see Safari eventually catching up to the rest, but they have a lot of ground to cover. And they would need to get their users to upgrade quickly. I for one don't think it's a browser worth supporting.

Lost my lunch

I rode my bike over to 2nd and folsom to get some tasty indian take-out but Mehfil is still closed due to fire damage. Instead I picked up a chicken mole burrito at Maya, also quite tasty, and rode back to the office. About 40 feet from the door to our building the bottom of the paper bag gives out and my burrito splats on the ground. I think little or no food was in direct contact with the ground, but it's a dirty street so I wasn't about to try and salvage a burrito off of it.

This story somewhat encapsulates how my day is going.
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Dinner follows a trend

Eating sushi tonight I asked that there be no mackerel(saba) as part of my nigiri combination. I used both the english and japanese name to be clear. I got two pieces, one more than usual. When I was done easting, everything but the mackerel, I asked the waiter what kind of fish was left on my plate. He said "mackerel", for some reason he wrote down "NO TUNA" on my order. I left a bad tip, as opposed to no tip.

This hopefully is the last thing that goes awry today.