December 2nd, 2007


Reverend Monsignor Henry J. Lyne

I don't know how he is related to me, but this Henry Lyne left his mark on San Francisco and the Bay Area.

St. John's Cemetery, Tombstone Transcriptions, San Mateo, San Mateo County, CA
Lyne Henry J. 1888-1970 Rev. Monsignor, Ordained June 23, 1913
Father Lyne, born in Ireland, was ordained there in 1913. Upon his arrival in San Francisco in 1923 he was assigned to St. Paul's Church. After appointments at St. Mary's Cathedral and St. Leo's church in San Jose, he became the fifth pastor of St. Matthew's. Perhaps Father Lyne's greatest contribution to St. Matthew's was the establishment of the elementary school. The Sisters of the Holy Family conducted classes in religion for the children of the parish, but Father Lyne felt that more was needed to serve the children of the parish. In 1931, Father Lyne secured seven and one-half acres for $70,000 from the Tobin Clark Estate.

On Aug. 10, 1931, seven Sisters of the Holy Cross, with Sister Mary Albertine as Superior, opened St. Matthew's School with 140 children.

... By 1948 school enrollment expanded to 569, and on October 10, Archbishop Mitty blessed and dedicated a new addition to the school named "Lyne Hall."