January 9th, 2008


PADI Assistant Instructor

37 days to Belize, and now I get to look forward to advancing my diving career from DiveMaster to Assistant Instructor. There are a few people interested in learning how to dive on this trip, so I figure I can use the opportunity to get closer to becoming an Instructor. Kathy at Belize Diving Services is going to train, and hopefully certify, me and one of their staff. After Belize I can do the IDC test to become a full-blown Instructor, which is the level where you can teach beginners and make a little money if you wanted to work at diving.

Scratch that

I'm no longer a non-smoker. Just had a cigarette. I sat on the stoop outside my door, smoking a cigarette, pondering my day, my life and everything going on around me. The kind of self-conversation I've always enjoyed with just me and a smoke. I suppose I could possibly replace the cigarette with something else, but for now the habit has stuck, and it works best with a cigarette. I listened to the rain fall on the corrugated plastic above me, felt the cool and crisp night air, and blew toxic circles of carelessness.

It will take a stronger motivation than just me on my own to give that up.