September 29th, 2009


Market Street Pilot

The Better Market Street Project kicked off its pilot program this morning, diverting eastbound cars off of Market Street between 10th and 6th streets. I rode Market to 4th Street to see what it was like, and it was much nicer to ride on. There were still delivery trucks, but I felt like I could use more of the street without having to make room for cars. I imagine that buses ran more quickly on Market Street after 8th Street.

I'm all for making Market Street better for everyone to use. It has always been a bad street to drive east on, it makes much more sense to divert this traffic into SOMA. It will be interesting to see whether most people like this change or not.

Davin's 30th Birthday Surprise

Davin's own words:

Seriously though, I'm still shaking from this two days later. I think the song 'All Day Sucker' will be in my head for the rest of the week, and quite possibly for the rest of my life. Which would be alright, 'cause it's funky as hell.

And speaking of life, I think that having Stevie Wonder join Supertaster on a tiny stage at my 30th birthday party might well have made the best night of my entire young life so far. There is literally no living musician I would have rather had on that stage. Absolutely none. Wow.