March 7th, 2010


Ugh, ads

After trying to log in to LJ, and failing(bad password or login window timeout), I got hit by a big ad that took over the page. It is such a bad user experience, especially for someone with a paid account logging in.


Can I spare some change? Sure can. Emptied my coin jar into a bucket and walked it over to a Coinstar machine at the Lucky on Fulton. I brought my bike but forgot the key for my bike lock. Asked some stranger on a bike to lock it up to hers, she obliged but told me she wouldn't be in there long. I told her not to worry and just leave my bike unlocked when she was done. There was no way I was going home for my key, I was exhausted carrying all 70lbs(30 kilos, get metric already) the 5 blocks to the store.

End Result: Quarters 2546 Dimes 1656 Nickels 833 Pennies 3058 Total: $874.33

I think I'll put this money towards a nice new camera, so I can post some pretty photos on flickr. Fortunately my unlocked bicycle was still outside the store waiting for me, otherwise the money would have been spent on replacing it.