October 13th, 2010


Muay Thai

After a couple years of taking Muay Thai classes at Fight and Fitness, I finally got a private lesson with Neungsiam. I told him I wanted to work sparring so he started me off with some basic sparring work. I was not relaxed and felt really awkward. Once I started to relax things got a little better, but it was obvious I had some bad habits I needed to get rid of. Specifically my kicking needed some work, which we focused on at the end. Of course after having taken the regular class for an hour beforehand, I was feeling pretty spent. I now have some things to work on, before I get another lesson next week.

Traffic Violation

I got busted running a stop sign at Octavia and Market this morning. A CHP motorcycle cop pulled me over and seemed a little apologetic about having to write me a citation. He was a nice guy so I was pretty friendly in return about the whole thing. The route I took to cross the junction is definitely not legal, but I'm not sure if there is a legal way for a bicycle to cross that junction from Octavia, when trying to going south on Octavia and then east on Market Street.

I've received several traffic warnings over the years from police, but this is my first citation. Hopefully I can go another 13 years until my next one.