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White Dragon Kung Fu

There is a kung fu school a couple of blocks from work called White Dragon Kung Fu. The name is derived from the fact they teach White Eyebrow and Dragon style kung fu. Last night I went by and got an introduction to their school and what they do there.

Firstly I was shown how they prepare for class by doing conditioning exercises for hands and arms on a sandbag, followed by further hand conditioning in a pot full of small stones. That was followed by leg stretching exercises to be done with a partner. I liked these cause I've been wondering how to improve the flexibility and range for my legs.

The class was going to work on some wrestling exercises, so I got changed into my gear and jumped in. I know a little about wrestling, but have almost no experience, and bumbled along as best I could. After that I had someone work with me on some footwork. I'm guessing it was Dragon style footwork, most of my weight was kept on my front leg. I found the footwork fairly easy to pick up.

Sifu Luo spent some time talking to me and showed me a Bak Mei drill where I dodged padded sticks. The idea was to pretend like they were knives and not allow them to touch me, and to not get too close or too far from the person wielding them. He went quite slow with me and then had another student demonstrate it at faster speeds. Sifu Luo gave me the history on Bak Mei and told me a lot about the class. Besides the kung fu styles he teaches, they also work on wrestling, San Shou, bare-knuckle fighting, knife fighting and more. He gave me a quick instruction on a round-house kick on their heavy bag and then wrapped things up with me. I bought a bottle of his Dit Da Jow and showed myself out.

I was left with a pretty good impression of Sifu Luo and the school. I think I'll have to sign up with them and start going there a couple days a week, while still going to my other class. I still have plenty to learn about Wing Chun, but am kinda excited to work with some other people and see how fast I can learn from them. Plus, the emphasis on conditioning at White Dragon is something I could use a little more of.

Merry fistmas!

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