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The onomatopoeia of the word blog makes me think of someone throwing up. So part of my dislike for the word blog has been this association with getting sick. On reading some blogs the picture is further enhanced by the idea that people are puking their observations/diatribes/autobiographies on the web. Blogging could only be helped by calling itself something else, either coining a new word or returning to words that aptly describe what the blogs are for like journal, diary, news, opinions, rating or ranting.


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Dec. 28th, 2006 12:59 am (UTC)
...always sounded like a disease to me. As in, "I've caught the blog. I'm done for."

6A tried using the word "weblog" instead of blog but since everyone in the news media was using "blog" no one would make the connection between the two terms and would ask "what's a weblog?"

I've resorted to calling it "my LiveJournal" since I don't use it consistently for a single purpose anyway.
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