Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Gamecock Party

I attended the Gamecock party at the Regency Center last night. The lodge room at the Regency center is really beautiful, and was a great setting for the entertainers; Gooferman, the Suicide Girls and many other excellent performers. I knew a lot of people at the party, due to a strong showing of Burning Man tech people, I even recognized the trapeze artist(friend of a friend). One of the Gamecock folks is an avid burner, and extended invitations via my friend CameraGirl.

It was a good party but it started to wane by midnight. Seems like it was mostly burners and entertainers there when I left. It was slated to go 'til 4am, but I'm guessing it might have finished by 2am. It seemed a bit of a waste, it had the potential to be a really big and fun party.
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