Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Caye Caulker Continued

We did two more days of diving:
- Thursday we dove Tacklebox in front of San Pedro and saw lots of sharks and groupers. We also had a big spotted eagle ray circle us for a minute, which was awesome. The second dive was a little south of the first site, and it was also pretty fun. At the end we took off our fins on some sandy stretch and busted out some weightless kung fu.
- Friday we got up really early and dove the Elbow at South Turneffe. We went deep on our first dive. We did the second dive a little north of the first and enjoyed a little current that swept us along nicely. Our Third dive was at Sayonara and we had lots of fun diving around little coral mountains.

Tomorrow we pack up and leave. A week seems too short to spend here, I'm just starting to get a tan. I'm expecting Lisa will figure out how I can work remotely from Belize.

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