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Breakfast of Champions

I just finished reading Kurt Vonnegut's - Breakfast of Champions this morning, and I was left feeling a little short-changed. I thoroughly enjoyed Cat's Cradle and liked Slaughter House Five, but this book just didn't satisfy my appetite for a whacky and thought-provoking tale.

I think this book may have been geared more towards writers, as the main character is a science-fiction writer and towards the end of the book the author even inserts himself in the story. Many artists or pieces of art have been described as being for other artists, and so are best appreciated by them. James Joyce, Miguel de Cervantes and Paul Auster are writers I put in that category, creating novels that explore writing itself. Kurt Vonnegut I don't put in that category, but this book does seem to explore the relationship between the author, the story and its characters. There are other aspects to the story that tie into that, but I believe that is the most significant experiment of the book, creating a fictional story that explores the reality between writers and their creations.
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