Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne


I dreamt I went back to secondary school(aka. high school) in Ireland to retake my Leaving Certificate, the exam that finishes school and gets you into college(Irish people don't refer to anything after secondary school as "school").

I was back in my old study hall taking the first part of the English exam. Father Allman was watching us, then Father Donovan, my old deans. They had to keep harassing other students for talking and making noise. At some point there was a woman watching over us, and I also noticed a girl taking exams too, which was unusual because it was an all-boy school.

After a while I realized there was no chance I could do any good in these exams, I hadn't studied for any of them. The only thing I could contemplate doing was the english essay, as it just required I write something off the top of my head.

I normally don't remember dreams, but I thought about this one for a while after I woke up.
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