Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Mailing List Service

Dear LazyWeb,

I want to find a mailing list service for a small business that
just wants to be able to send out announcements occasionally.
The current webhost and mail provider is not really in the
business of handling lots of email and puts some restrictions
on mass mailings.

Anyhow would like to know if you guys can recommend a service
a) allows mass mailings and isn't often blacklisted for spam
b) allows non-verified emails to be added to mail lists (that
is, the small business can just add any email it wants without
requiring a confirmation step by the email address holder)
c) has a decent UI for composing emails and importing email

If it was also good for handling all business email with nice
webmail service and IMAP available, that would be great too.

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