Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Butter Lap

After work tonight I went to my regular kung fu class, but cut out a little before the end of class to meet up with people at the ferry building for the Butter Lap.

It is a 15 mile ride along the north edge of San Francisco then back into the heart of the city. The start takes you along the piers and is a leisurely ride. Once you go over a hill and cross into the marina you start to get a little bit of a head wind. The climb up towards the golden gate bridge doesn't seem so bad, until you get to a long gradual uphill that takes you past the bridge and to the cliffs. All that uphill means you get to enjoy a nice windy downhill for about a mile. Seacliff is a pretty neighborhood and we took it easy riding among the mansions. Good thing, cause we needed to reserve some energy for the climb to the Legion of Honor. A long slow climb.

We waited at the legion of honor for Murphy to join our band. We rode to the veteran hospital entrance and began a freewheel race. Starting from a stop, we pedaled as hard as we could through a junction and then went to a complete freewheel. Turns out there is enough momentum and downhill to take you to the Cliff House and down to Ocean Beach, I even had to brake a little bit to avoid death.

The rest was a nice ride in golden gate park to the panhandle, through the Wiggle and down to Zeitgeist where we enjoyed some refreshments. I'm home now and feeling quite spent. A good way to finish a wednesday.
Tags: cycling, san francisco

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