Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Last Friday

It's the last friday of the month, and it's a busy one for me, work and SF.

For San Francisco, there is a Giants baseball game today and a Critical Mass ride. Not a good day to be driving downtown.

For work, we had a fun and interesting presentation by Derek Powazek, co-founder of JPG Magazine. We also saw two fun projects that arose from wednesday's hacking day. I'm busy trying to tie together pieces of my project for next week's release; a new Inbox display and message bookmarking, and lots of backend stuff that ain't quite ready yet.

For me, I picked up "Betty Blue" the old volvo from the garage this morning. With new tires, belts, battery and oil, she should be able to take me to the black rock desert and back in a few weeks. Tonight I have kung fu after work, hopefully I can manage a little sparring. Then later I party with the Burning Man Webteam at the unlicensed Leopard Lounge.

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