Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Emerald Isle

The emerald isle has been enjoying plenty of sun and rain over the past 10 days. Some days sun, some days rain, some days both taking frequent turns.

I've had a good time in my hometown spending time with family. I've drank considerably less Guinness than I hoped, especially after waking up last sunday with a hangover that later in the day turned into a strep throat and fever. I was laid up for a day and a half. Missed a big family dinner. Am mostly recovered now due to the wonder of the anti-biotic Calvepen. Apparently it's good for strep throat and siphyllis. If any of you siphyllitic fools need my leftover anti-biotics...

Tonight I stay in Cork city with my brother Andrew. Tomorrow I take the train to Dublin where I spend a short time with friends. Sunday I'm back in SF. Time flies.
Tags: home, ireland, travel

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