Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Burnt Out

Two weeks on the playa feels like a long time.

Working setup for the cafe this year was great. The people running the show were great, thanks Gadget, Helen, etc. Everything got done on time, even kinda early. There was no last minute rush to get things done. It was great working with some of the same people again, like Rusty, Rocco, Caitlin and E. And there were lots of people I didn't know that were great, some of them virgin burners.

Also, Cafe Village was excellent this year, despite me having to camp across the street in the annex. Brook, Coco and Vanessa, plus others made really great dinners for us every night. Kitten and Young'n kept the camp in order. And Bloody Mary Jack and the rest of the crew made it a fun place to hang out.

On top of that I got to hang with Brad, Dan and Beau a little. Always fun to see other friends on the playa for the first time. Mary Kay also had her first burn and was set up with a really fun camp of europeans with an english pub. It was different for me to have a real girlfriend at burning man, but it was really fun to have her there, but good that we camped apart. At times it can be hard being around anyone too much on the playa.

There was crazy dust storms at times this year, and also some really beautiful weather. Most nights were very comfortable, just slightly chilly. Then at times the winds blew hard and created dangerous whiteout conditions. The kind of weather that makes you find some booze, some friends and a shelter from the wind and dust. And if you can't find the latter you just put on your googles and mask and whoop it up in the middle of the storm.

Sunday and monday at the end were hard. Seeing people pack up made me want to leave also. The only thing that made me feel better was thinking about those people being gone and having less people crowding me on the playa. On monday there were still a lot of people around, but by tuesday I started to see patches clear of people and stuff all the way to the mountains on all sides. Actually tearing down the cafe was tough and exhausting. I think we were a little less organized about that. Still, people step up when they can and by yesterday the center camp cafe was done, and late last night cafe village got packed up.

Stayed in Reno last night with Erik, dropped him at the greyhound this afternoon. Drove back and unpacked my car about an hour ago. Already got a welcome back from two people who saw my blue car almost completely white from the desert.

It's good to be back.
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