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I went out last night with Jenni and John who are visiting SF for a few days. I've known Jenni and her twin Tara for many years through my good friend Sarah in Ireland.

We met at Esperpento in the mission and had lovely garlicky food and very tasty sangria. They loved it, which made me happy. It has been a favorite place of mine to eat for about 10 years now.

We walked along valencia street after and stopped into Gestalt for a half-liter of Radeberger pils. Jenni and John had both biked from SF to Sausalito, over the golden gate bridge, that day, so I thought I should continue the bike theme by introducing them to more SF bike culture. Gestalt is a good example of a pro-bicycle bar. We followed that up with a visit to Zeitgeist, where we shared a pitcher of Boont Amber. Made even tastier by the fact it was poured by Beannie, freshly returned from the playa where I saw her almost every day for two weeks.
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