Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Krav Maga San Francisco

I went to Krav Maga San Francisco tonight to try out a free class. Gabe Khorramian showed me around and told me about the school. Then I got changed and tried out the first level Krav Maga class, lead by Gabe, with about 13 othe students. It felt very much fitness focused as we drilled basic attacks against partners holding pads. Hammer fists, groin kicks and knees to the groin. We would do a few drills until I felt near exhausted, take a short break and go again. About half-way through I was fairly winded, but the last third of the class wound down slightly. We worked a technique for breaking a front hand choke, later combined it with an attack, and lastly tried it with our eyes closed(until someone assumed the choke position) and random partners.

I was a little surprised by how difficult I found it to keep up. For conditioning and basic fighting drills I think this could be a good school to attend. They also have other classes in martial arts, yoga, fitness and conditioning.
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