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Wine and Dine

Spending an evening with my cousin Bryan always gets me excited about wine. We met last night at Hotel Biron, a wine bar tucked away in an alley near Market and Haight Street. I tentatively agreed to go spend a week in Burgundy next November. He was also trying to convince me that we should make Irish Whiskey, but I was not very enthusiastic about the idea. I'm really hoping I can make another barrel of wine in 2008, hopefully with grapes from the same vineyard in the Russian River Valley as my 2005 vintage.

Later we went to Absinthe for dinner and everything was pretty good except for their baby dandelion green pizza. It was mostly dandelion greens, and little else, making it quite bitter to eat.

We finished the night at Place Pigalle in Hayes Valley. The holiday revelry seemed in full swing for some there last night.
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