Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Smoke Free

I haven't smoked a cigarette for one week now, not since celebrating the arrival of the new year. I didn't decide to quit, when I got sick I just chose to avoid smoking or drinking and to eat healthy food. I'd like to continue to avoid smoking, but don't feel the need to announce I've quit or am trying to.

Most of the time I don't like cigarettes. When I see people smoking in the street I think it looks and smells slightly distasteful, sometimes even disgusting. I only crave for a cigarette when I'm drinking, or late at night when I'm home. If I could harness my repulsion for cigarettes and make it a permanent thing, that would be great. Of all the vices in the world, smoking is something that has no benefit, not even in small amounts.
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