Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Sunny Weekend

I took full advantage of the good weather in San Francisco this past weekend and rode my bicycle around the city both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I must have rode around 20 miles with vidog from the Upper Haight, through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach where a seagull crapped on me. From Ocean Beach we rode along the north of the city past the Legion Of Honor, through Seacliff, along the north of the Presidio to the Marina, Fisherman's Wharf, down Battery Street to Howard and back to the Upper Haight. We celebrated the ride with some drinks at Hobson's Choice and then Indian Pizza in lower haight. I also managed to make it to the ANSI art showing at Twenty Goto 10, before I started to fade and went home.

Sunday was another beautiful day so I rode downtown as far as the Ferry Building and then back over to Zeitgeist to meet a friend for drinks. Sunday afternoon was full of good beer and good conversation, it felt like a sunny spring day in Zeitgeist's beer garden.
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