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I went with Joe to the 5:30pm Muay Thai class at Fight & Fitness tonight. An intro class just costs $15. Some free hand-wraps comes with the intro fee, but I didn't really know how to wrap my hands properly. I also don't know how to skip. I spent a bad 5 minutes attempting to skip rope.

Things got better once the warm-ups were over. Bunkerd Faphimai was leading the main class, but there were four newcomers, including myself, who got split off with Neungsiam "The Rock" Samphusri. We did basic stepping and stance, jab and cross punches and the basic roundhouse kick. We moved to some heavy bags and worked the kicking a lot harder, and also tried some basic elbows and knees. All that worked me pretty well, but we ended the session with partner sit-ups passing a medicine ball back and forth. I cheated on the sit-ups though, I used the medicine ball for leverage instead of working me harder. Then we did some more abdominal conditioning by having the medicine ball dropped on our stomachs. Lastly we did push-ups on our knuckles, and I was truly beat.

FnF is a fighters gym, it is sweaty and there are plenty of people working out the entire time. It was impressive seeing the power of Neungsiam's kicks, and you have to love being trained by a competitive fighter. I'm definitely interested in going back for more.
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