Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote,
Henry Lyne

Belize 2008

I'm feeling pretty good this morning, a little hazy, but I had a great 10 days in Belize. At our peak we had a group of about 13 people, 8 of which were there most or all of the time. We had 2 returns, brad and markpasc both didn't make it out on the day they expected and rolled back to Caye Caulker for one more tonight.

I completed the PADI Assistant Instructor course, taking me one step closer to being able to teach people how to scuba dive. pookamagoo, Diana, Kelly and Kim completed the Open Water Diver course and are now certified to dive. daveman692, ppaquin and I accompanied the new divers on their open water 3 and 4 dives, and provided some entertainment.

On a Sunset Cruise on friday evening henry proposed to lisa, you should talk to lisa for the rest of the story. It was really sweet.

It was great to see everyone have such a good time, and I always appreciate how welcoming so many people are in Belize. I got asked a few times if I was a tour guide, I think I might have to make it more official.
Tags: belize, diving, vacation

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